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5/10!! tokyo mirage sessions 2??? omg <3

To say that Fire Emblem Engage is "the best FE game so far" is untrue. While it does push the franchise forwards, it also stumbles and falls backwards. The story sure didn't engage me...........well for the first 50 hours LOL (we will get to the batshit insane story later). My only wish was for another FE game that has compelling characters and a serviceable story with all those FE tropes and archetypes that we all know and love, while still being an amazing turn-base strategy game. You paid $80 for an order and FE engage forgets half of it. Lets have a happy little discussion about this game shall we?

I will admit as someone who loves the combat in the franchise that engage did deliver the goods. The whole gimmick of the rings is giving mad tokyo mirage sessions flashbacks, and yknow what? Im here for it!! (ok but like i am wondering like some people online about sigurds horse... like this is some serious horse girl shit. why the fuck is the horse with him in the ring LMAOOO) The game is a nice call back to older entries in the series, but unfortunately that is a double edge sword. On one hand, you have map variations (this was severely lacking in 3H), weapon triangle (omg welcome back queen) and a pseudo pair up system (with the backup class). The other hand however you have the return of legacy stats that just makes the stat system feel bloated (looking at you dodge and avoid), no gambits (rest in peace queen)